We're doing it wrong: expert names the main mistakes in hair washing

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We're doing it wrong: expert names the main mistakes in hair washing

Most of us, when we wash our hair, massage the skin and hair roots together with the shampoo. It turned out that this is a gross mistake. Jason Collier, a famous hairdresser from London who provides services to world stars, explained how to wash your hair properly.

He advised those with long hair to start the process of washing their hair by moisturising it. "Moisten your hair with warm water before applying shampoo. Wet hair is easier to clean."

As for the shampoo, he advised to first lather it up in the palms of your hands, and then apply it to the roots first and spread it over the entire length. He does not recommend massaging the scalp, as this can lead to injury to the hair follicles and make the hair fall out more. He also says that such massaging hands will promote greater secretion of subcutaneous fat, so the hair will become oily faster.

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Collier advised to rinse the shampoo thoroughly so that its residues are washed away and do not lead to irritation. As for the conditioner, you shouldn't rub it into your head either, but only spread it evenly through your hair. It should also be rinsed off thoroughly, and with cool water.

"When you're done applying the conditioner, rinse your hair with cool water. Cold water will help to close the hairs, provide shine and additional volume," the expert said.

Dry your hair properly too. Do not rub them with a towel, but gently pat them dry to avoid damage.

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