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A man in Belgium decided to take revenge on his family by faking his own death (video)

Bylim Olena

A man in Belgium decided to take revenge on his family by faking his own death (video)

In Belgium, a man who felt lonely despite having a family decided to fake his own death to teach his family a lesson. He flew to his funeral by helicopter.

According to the Times, 45-year-old David Berten, along with his wife and children, decided to make it look like he had been killed. To make his relatives believe it, his child even wrote an obituary for his father on social media.

In his TikTok, Berten later said that his wife and children supported this plan and did everything possible to make relatives believe that David had died.

"The fake funeral, which took place near the city of Liege last weekend, was attended by dozens of friends and family members dressed in black, who waited for the ceremony to begin until they were met by a landing helicopter. "The 'dead man' jumped out of the helicopter with a camera crew, greeting his friends," the Times reports.

Some of the audience burst into tears, while others did not understand the cruel joke and wished the man would actually die.

He gathered all those who came to the farewell ceremony and explained that he did it because he did not like the attitude of his family and friends.

"What I see in my family often hurts me, I am never invited to anything. No one sees me. We have all drifted apart. I felt unappreciated," Berten said. He also explained that no one should wait until their loved one dies to get together.

In February 2023, in Syria, rescuers pulled a man named Ahmed al-Maghribi from the rubble of a building without signs of life. His body was sent to the morgue. During the funeral, the man suddenly revived.

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