"At least eight dead": Syrsky showed the elimination of the occupiers near Bakhmut (video)

Maxim Karpenko

'At least eight dead': Syrsky showed the elimination of the occupiers near Bakhmut (video)
Syrsky showed the destruction of the occupiers near Bakhmut

The Ukrainian military continues to destroy the invaders and Russian equipment in various frontline areas. In particular, fighting is taking place in one of the hottest spots, the Bakhmut direction.

The Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Oleksandr Syrsky showed footage of the effective work of HIMARS against the enemy. According to him, at least eight occupants were eliminated.

"HIMARS is working on the Russians. At least eight dead. Excellent work of "Rybak". The enemy has lost a "Tyulpan" mortar. The defense forces are destroying Russian equipment in the Bakhmut direction," the statement said.

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The video shows how the Ukrainian military detected the movement of enemy equipment. The following footage shows the precise hit of HIMARS and the destruction of the occupiers' combat vehicle.

The exact time and place are not disclosed for security reasons.

As a reminder, Ukrainian troops in the Bakhmut sector recently captured enemy dugouts and t renches. The third assault brigade entered the enemy's positions and occupied their trenches to continue fighting.

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