A Lviv resident will pay a fine for watching TV loudly: what amount was assigned by the court

Bylim Olena

A Lviv resident will pay a fine for watching TV loudly: what amount was assigned by the court

In Lviv, the court imposed a fine on a man who listened too loudly to TV programs. It happened at night.

As reported by the publication ZAXID.NET on the street On February 17, at approximately 10:30 p.m., a man in his apartment was listening loudly to music on the TV in Videnska Street (Noviy Lviv micro district) in Lviv. With this, he disturbed the neighbors, so they called the police. Law enforcement officers drew up a protocol for administrative violations.

The neighbor who called the police said that when asked to turn down the volume on the TV, the man reacted aggressively and ignored the request. It turned out that he used to annoy the neighbors by turning on the TV loudly in the late hours.

When the trial, in this case, took place, the offender did not appear. "The Sykhiv District Court of Lviv found a Lviv man guilty of disturbing the peace, who listened loudly to the TV in his apartment at night. He was ordered to pay a fine of UAH 510 and another UAH 536 in court fees," the report says.

An appeal may be filed against the court decision.

Earlier in Lviv, a court fined an elderly woman who was involved in a road accident. The accident occurred on September 3, 2022, on the road from Lviv to Bryukhovychy. The woman was walking along the side of the road, then suddenly stepped onto the road, where she was hit by a Chery Tiggo 4 crossover.

During the trial, the pensioner admitted her guilt. Judge Ruslan Yezersky found the 69-year-old woman guilty of violating traffic rules and imposed a fine of UAH 850. She also has to pay court fees in the amount of UAH 496.

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