The best friend of kids: Why you should choose a rat as a pet

Ihor Romanko

The best friend of kids: Why you should choose a rat as a pet

Rats are ideal pets for children due to their sociability and highly intelligent traits. Compared to classic childhood pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils, rats are an excellent choice.

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House rabbits can be great pets for children, but they are usually quickly forgotten and then ignored. Rabbits live up to 12 years, so their care requires considerable effort.

Guinea pigs, which are also commonly kept outside, can be good pets but need to be walked and specially cared for. Compared to rabbits, they have fewer health problems.

Hamsters and gerbils can be interesting pets, but they are nocturnal animals, so children may not get enough pleasure from interacting with them. Also, they are naturally lonely creatures, so they need more attention from their owners.

Rats, on the other hand, are social, intelligent, and playful animals, and are small enough to live comfortably at home. They easily adapt to new environments and generally interact better with humans than any other small animal.

Rats are so friendly and intelligent that they can be trained to perform complex tricks, including coming to you on command when they hear your name. Many rat owners reach a stage where they let them run around the room while playing, and even let them climb on their shoulders, arms, and legs.

These animals live in the house, so they are always on your child's radar and receive a lot of regular care. They sleep at night and stay awake during the day, so they are fully synchronized with the family.

Rats are an evolutionary adaptation to living around humans, so they like the same foods we do. They can share healthy treats with your child, and they can also live with other rats and love the company of children.

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