"It would be better if the money came to the budget of Ukraine," Zelensky on helping Ukrainian refugees abroad

Maria Tsikhotska

'It would be better if the money came to the budget of Ukraine,' Zelensky on helping Ukrainian refugees abroad

The President of Ukraine has stated that it would be better if the money provided by various countries as social assistance to Ukrainian refugees went to the budget of Ukraine. After that, Ukraine itself would distribute it among these people. Thus, these revenues could support the Ukrainian economy.

Zelensky said this in an interview with the German TV channel ARD.

During the conversation, the TV channel's journalist emphasized that about 200,000 men of military age left Ukraine for Germany alone and asked whether the German authorities should consider cutting social assistance to such men to support Ukraine with the money that would be saved.

"If the government wants to help Ukrainians, then there is a moment like this - for example, a person has left, lives abroad, and receives support from Germany. And we thank you for supporting our citizens. But it happens that this person receives support from both you and us. Well, it happens. I am not talking about our Ukrainians in Germany. I am generalizing this to you. And that is why I have always said that it would be much better for us if Germany supported Ukrainians by giving money to the budget of Ukraine, and then Ukraine would redistribute this money depending on where this person is," the head of state said.

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