Who will get pension increases in April and July

Bylim Olena

Who will get pension increases in April and July

In March, Ukraine will index pensions for almost 10.5 million pensioners. However, some categories of citizens will receive increased payments only in April and July.

According to the Social Information Platform, in accordance with the Law "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance", starting from April 1, 0.6 million working pensioners will have their benefits automatically recalculated based on their updated insurance record.

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Starting from July 1, the special pensions of 22.7 thousand scientists, civil servants and local government employees will be indexed.

Like for other pensioners, the minimum increase will be UAH 100, and the maximum will be UAH 1,500.

As a reminder, some Ukrainians will receive a higher pension. However, this applies to those citizens who are employed. Read more about the funded pension system and double payments in UAportal's article.

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