Which pharmacy product is the best fertilizer for indoor plants

Ihor Romanko

How to fertilize indoor flowers with aspirin

Indoor plants are a great addition to any home interior, but some of them may lack the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. It turned out that aspirin is one of the most unexpected and cheapest means of fertilizing indoor plants. In addition to its main functions, such as boosting immunity and protecting against pests, this drug can also help flowers bloom and improve the condition of their leaves.

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For best results, apply aspirin to geraniums as they respond the fastest and most vividly to this fertilizer. After the aspirin treatment, the geranium stems will grow rapidly and new leaves will appear in large quantities.

To feed the flowers with aspirin, dissolve three tablets in three liters of plain, settled water. You can either add the whole tablets to the water and leave them to dissolve, or grind the tablets into a powder and mix them with water. The latter method allows you to achieve a faster effect. It is recommended to use this solution once.

Please note that while aspirin can be a useful fertilizer for many houseplants, not all species respond equally to this feeding method. Carefully observe your plant's reaction and reduce or stop using aspirin in case of any negative indicators.

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