How to cool your car interior in seconds with a simple life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to quickly cool a car interior without air conditioning
How to quickly cool a car interior without air conditioning

The summer heat can be a challenge for drivers, especially when there is no way to park the car in the shade. The temperature in the cabin can quickly rise to excessive levels. However, according to Sante, there is a Japanese method that allows you to quickly cool the car interior, even without air conditioning. This method is simple and does not require the use of additional tools.

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First, you need to lower one of the windows and then suddenly open the opposite door. This creates a sharp pressure drop, which causes cool air to be drawn into the cabin, while hot air escapes.

Repeating this procedure several times will help to quickly reduce the temperature inside the car.

If you have an air conditioner in your car, you can use it to cool the interior even faster. Direct the flow of cold air into the ceiling, as it has a higher density, which creates additional circulation in the car.

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