How to speed up Android smartphone: effective tips

Ihor Romanko

What to do to make your Android phone run faster

Android smartphones are indispensable for many of us. In addition, there are budget models. But they can often slow down due to the large number of applications and files on the device. However, there are some simple ways to speed up your Android phone.

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Here are some tips for owners of such devices:

  1. Remove unnecessary apps and files. This can help free up space on your device and improve performance;
  2. Turn off animations. Go to settings, then "About phone" and tap on "Build number" several times. It will open the developer mode. In this mode, you can find the "Window animation" option, which you can turn off;
  3. Turn off automatic app updates. This can help prevent the device from slowing down while performing other tasks;
  4. Use Task Manager to close unnecessary apps. It will help free up memory on the device and prevent slowdowns;
  5. Use "Power saving mode". This can help conserve battery life and improve performance;
  6. Update the operating system and apps on your device. This can help fix bugs and help maintain productivity.

All these tips can help speed up your gadget and maintain performance. Remember that a clean and well-maintained device not only works better, but also lasts longer.

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