How to save on fuel: effective tips for drivers

Ihor Romanko

How to save on fuel: effective tips for drivers

Many car owners are looking for ways to help them save money on fuel. Here are some life hacks that will help you save money and reduce the cost of refuelling your car.

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  • Use high quality fuel. It may seem like using the most affordable fuel is a way to save money. However, using low-quality fuel can lead to reduced engine performance and higher refuelling costs. Use the high quality fuel that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to maximise fuel efficiency;
  • Plan your trip. Planning your route before you leave can help you save on fuel. Instead of driving randomly, you can find the shortest and most efficient route. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary fuel costs such as stopping at red lights and making unnecessary turns;
  • Change filters and oil regularly. Changing your filters and oil regularly can help you save money on fuel. Dirty filters and oil can reduce engine performance and increase fuel consumption. It is recommended to change the filters and oil according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations;
  • Maintain the correct tyre pressure. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure can help you save money on fuel. Insufficient tyre pressure can increase fuel consumption, while too much pressure can reduce tyre contact with the road and cause various accidents;

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