How to make a fridge out of a car glove compartment: a life hack for drivers

Ihor Romanko

How to make a fridge out of a car glove compartment
How to make a fridge out of a car glove compartment

A car can turn into a real torture chamber with unbearable heat during summer. Not only the driver but also the products in the cabin have a hard time.

Did you know that the glove compartment of a car can be an unexpected friend in cooling food? Mashyna reports on this useful life hack.

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25 to 30 degrees can make the car interior a real oven, especially if the temperature outside is even higher. Thus, food spoils quickly and the water heats up almost instantly.

There is a way to cool water and food in the car quickly. Experienced drivers know how to make the interior cooler fast. This simple but effective life hack can be a real lifesaver on a hot day.

The magic of the glove compartment is that it can become your mini fridge. If your car is equipped with special flaps in the glove compartment, you have a unique opportunity to use them for cooling. All you need to do is remove the flap and switch on the air conditioning. This will allow cold air to enter the glove compartment, creating the effect of a mini fridge.

Of course, the glove compartment is not very large, but it is enough to hold a small bottle of water or a chocolate bar that will melt easily on a hot day. This way, you can enjoy coolness and freshness even during the summer heat, thanks to the unexpected trick of using the glove compartment.

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