How to avoid chips on the car body: simple tips

Ihor Romanko

How to avoid chips on the car body: simple tips
How to avoid chips on the car body: simple tips

Often, drivers do not take into account the fact that small stones, dust, sand, and dirt can be thrown from under the wheels of the vehicle driving ahead. Even on a flat surface, there is a risk that a foreign object can fly into your car after being hit by a previous car.

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One of the easiest ways to prevent the formation of chips on the car body is to maintain a safe distance.

Also, rocks and iron can get stuck between the wheels of trucks or under the brake calipers of cars and can hit your car on the bumper or hood. Experts recommend keeping a distance of at least 100 meters to the car in front, and 150 meters to the truck.

You should also avoid racing when you are already being overtaken. It is better to allow the other driver to maneuver without the risk of throwing stones at your car. Cars moving in the same direction can also throw stones at neighbors on the road, as can large trucks.

Speeding is another critical cause of car body chips, especially on dirt or gravel roads. At high speed, the car raises dust, debris, and stones, which can hit the paintwork of the body.

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