How to remove a hazy residue on the car windshield: use potatoes and lemon

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How to remove a hazy residue on the car windshield: use potatoes and lemon
Car windshield from the inside

Drivers often encounter a common issue with gray deposits on the inside of their car windshields.

This residue can be caused by smoking in the car, or it can result from car exhaust byproducts like oil, soot, and gasoline residues. Even a charcoal filter may not fully protect against them, as it can allow around 4% of the carbon to pass through after two weeks of use.

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If you need to remove greasy deposits from the inside of the car glass, you can use Antifog, which is readily available at any car dealership.

Some drivers recommend using dimexide (a pharmacy product) and ammonia.

Dilute them in distilled water at a ratio of 1 to 4 (one part of dimexide, four parts of water), and add 20 ml of ammonia to the mixture. Before using the product, wear a medical mask and protective gloves.

Open all the car doors and cover the dashboard with a towel to prevent the product from coming into contact with it. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution and thoroughly wipe the windshield from the inside. If needed, also clean the glass on the car doors and the rear window.

If you add a bit of glycerin to this solution and clean the car windows every two weeks, they will stop fogging up.

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This solution can also be used for the outside of car windows to reduce the accumulation of dirt.

Experts also recommend using lemon and raw potatoes to clean the windshield. Citric acid makes it easier to break down greasy deposits. After wiping with lemon, make sure to thoroughly clean the glass.

The trick with raw potatoes goes like this: wash and dry a potato, cut it in half, and rub the cut side on the car glass and mirrors. While they are still wet with potato juice, wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth.

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