Foil and a cup: unusual ways to sharpen a mincer and grater knife

Maria Tsikhotska

Foil and a cup: unusual ways to sharpen a mincer and grater knife

Every housewife often uses a meat grinder and a grater, so over time they become dull and their performance decreases. It's not always possible to take your meat grinder or grater knives to a specialist for sharpening, so we suggest you try to make them sharper yourself.


Take several sheets of sandpaper with a grit of 600 to 1200. Use a circular motion to sharpen the knives. The back of the knives does not need sharpening.

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You can buy a sharpening stone at a hardware store. It is suitable for sharpening knives, saws, and scissors. To sharpen a blade, press it against the stone and rotate it in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes. Don't forget about the mesh - it also needs to be sharpened.

A mug for sharpening a grater

Use the lower abrasive part of the cup to rub the blades of the grater for 5 minutes.

Foil for sharpening the slicer

Roll the foil into balls and grate them. The metal-to-metal friction will sharpen the blades.

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