Empathy can be "contagious": new research by scientists

Ihor Romanko

Scientists investigated how empathy is transmitted during social interaction
Scientists have studied how empathy is transmitted during social interaction

Empathy – is what makes us human. It is the ability to feel the emotions of another person and understand what they are going through. Unfortunately, empathy is often lacking in the modern world.

But there is good news! Studies have shown that empathy can be contagious. We can spread it through social interaction. Science Alert writes about this.

How does it work?

  • When we see other people show empathy, it excites certain parts of our brain responsible for compassion.
  • This can lead to us becoming more empathetic ourselves.
  • Conversely, if we see people being indifferent to others, it can reduce our own empathy.

This study has many implications

  • It shows that we can teach people to be more empathetic by creating an atmosphere where compassion is valued.
  • It can also help us understand why empathy may be lacking in some environments, such as the workplace.

Empathy is an important emotion that makes us human

  • It helps us build relationships, cooperate, and live in harmony with each other.
  • Therefore, it is important that we all try to be more empathetic.

How can we develop empathy?

  • Here are some tips:
    • Listen to others carefully and without judgment.
    • Try to imagine yourself in their shoes.
    • Be patient and understanding.
    • Show kindness and compassion.

Empathy is not just an emotion, it is a choice. Let's all make a choice in favor of empathy!

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