Experts explained how you can save on heating in the cold season

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Experts explained how you can save on heating in the cold season

September will soon be over and colder weather will be approaching. According to some experts, this heating season could be quite difficult.

This means that people may need to adjust gas boilers and radiators in their homes. The experts explained how to save on gas consumption.

In particular, it is worth installing gas meters. This will allow you to pay only for the fuel that residents have consumed.

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Another rule of saving money is to insulate your home. This will prevent heat from escaping from the house.

Try not to raise the air temperature in your home above 18 degrees. Higher temperatures will increase the consumption of thermal energy or electricity, so it is better to dress warmer.

The habit of adjusting the air temperature in different rooms will also help you save on heating. In particular, in the corridor or a passage room, you can "screw down" the thermostats on radiators.

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