Crew intact: photo of Bradley infantry fighting vehicle after direct hit by enemy Grad

Ihor Romanko

Maliar shows Bradley's photo after Grad shelling
Maliar shows Bradley's photo after Grad shelling. Source: t.me/annamaliar

Ukrainian soldiers successfully evacuated a damaged combat vehicle after an enemy Grad missile hit their Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. This incident occurred during a combat mission when the armoured vehicle was severely damaged. However, thanks to the courage and professionalism of the crew, they managed to safely get out of the situation and continue performing tasks on other vehicles. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Hanna Maliar.

"The first photo shows a Ukrainian Bradley after a direct hail hit. The second photo shows the crew of this Bradley, who successfully evacuated after the hit and continues to perform tasks on other equipment. The damaged Bradley is already being repaired," Maliar writes.

Representatives of the 47th Brigade provided details of the incident. According to them, the missile hit the Bradley's turret directly during a combat mission, which led to a fire. However, the crew evacuated quickly and efficiently, and the driver, demonstrating his high level of skill, moved the armoured vehicle to a safe position and extinguished the fire. The only consequence of the incident was a mild contusion of one of the soldiers.

"This example proves that the outstanding combat survivability claimed by the armoured vehicle manufacturer is not just words. Bradley helps to save the most valuable thing - the lives of soldiers. And steel can always be repaired. There is no equipment that cannot be destroyed, there is equipment that saves lives," added Maliar.

On the night of Thursday, 15 June, the invaders launched another air attack on Ukraine. There was a hit in Kryvyi Rih, and everything in Odesa was destroyed.

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