Why is foil placed in the freezer: a brilliant lifehack

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Why is foil placed in the freezer: a brilliant lifehack

The versatile aluminum foil demonstrates its useful properties in the kitchen, not only by keeping food fresh but also by providing an effective freezer defrost. Regardless of the freezer model, the formation of ice layers on the shelves can be inconvenient and delay access to frozen food.

The trick with aluminum foil is that it can effectively defrost the freezer in just a few minutes. If there isn't much ice, you can simply place the foil inside the freezer. In the case of a significant amount of ice, it's better to defrost the device completely first and then line the inside with aluminum sheets.

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The technique is simple: remove the food from the freezer and place aluminum foil all over the interior, including the top, bottom, and sides. Then return the food to the freezer. The aluminum foil will act as a barrier to ice formation, allowing you to forget about the annoying defrosting procedure, as reported by Sante.

This method is also applicable to freezer drawers. Lining the drawers with aluminum foil will keep them clean and easy to use, as you can simply replace the aluminum sheets when cleaning is needed.

Using aluminum foil in freezers is a cost-effective and easy way to ensure convenient use of the appliance and save time on defrosting. So, use this simple trick, and your freezer will always be ready to meet your food storage needs without unnecessary problems and inconveniences.

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