What experienced bakers do to prevent flour from flying all over the kitchen: a useful life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to sift flour so that it does not fall on the table

Flour is an essential ingredient in many doughy recipes, such as dumplings or pies. However, sifting flour often creates a mess in the kitchen, as flour can fly everywhere, settling on different surfaces.

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Fortunately, there is a life hack that helps minimize this mess. This tricky and simple method was published on Pixelinform.

In addition to a regular sieve, you'll need a regular mug, mug, or glass to sift the flour. This method helps prevent flour from flying around and ensures that it is sifted evenly, leaving only the mess under the sieve.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Pour the flour into the mug.
  2. Now, without lifting the mug, start moving it over the surface of the sieve until all the flour has passed through the sieve and is in a bowl or other container under the sieve.

This way, you can sift the flour without unnecessary debris in the kitchen.

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