What to do if you scatter salt and what it means: folk signs and superstitions

Ihor Romanko

What to do if you scatter salt and what it means: folk signs and superstitions

Salt scattering can happen at any time and often leads to our frustration, especially if it happens on the floor or carpet. However, in addition to practical tips on cleaning techniques, there are various signs and superstitions associated with this phenomenon in popular culture.

One of the most common superstitions associated with scattering salt is a sign of bad luck. According to the superstition, scattering salt can lead to various troubles, including quarrels in the family or unnecessary spending. To avoid bad luck, you should immediately pick up all the scattered salt and throw it over the threshold or out the window.

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There is also a sign that scattering salt in the kitchen is a sign of guests. It is believed that if the salt is scattered by itself, then uninvited guests will soon visit you. In this case, you should pick up the scattered salt and sprinkle it over the threshold or on the windowsill to attract good luck and ensure good relations with strangers.

There are several explanations for this phenomenon. One of them is related to our ancestors' habit of storing salt as a reliable means of preserving food. Salt was also used to make various medicines. Thus, our ancestors associated this product with health and longevity. Probably, that is why they were so careful about salt and did not allow it scattered on the ground.

In addition, some scholars associate this sign with the habit of sprinkling salt on the ground as a sign of respect for the dead. This is because in ancient times, salt was considered a rare and expensive product, so it was used not only as a seasoning but also as a means of payment for services or goods. And when a person died, relatives would sprinkle salt on the ground to show their respect and willingness to give something valuable as a sign of honour to the deceased.

Folk signs and superstitions are just beliefs that have no scientific basis. If the salt has scattered, the most sensible solution to the problem is to simply pick it up and clean it up. If salt has spilled on the carpet, use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean the surface.

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