Quick and budget breakfast: what to cook for 25 hryvnias

Bylim Olena

Quick and budget breakfast: what to cook for 25 hryvnias

A healthy breakfast does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. After all, morning meals can be prepared in a hurry from whatever you have in the fridge.

Here is a recipe for a dish that will cost you only 25 hryvnias. And if you want, you can add more expensive ingredients to this dish if you have them in the fridge.

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You will need a toasted slice of any bread (or toast) and two eggs. If you have a piece of hard cheese lying around, it's even better to grate it to sprinkle on the egg.

Prepare as follows:

  1. Dry a piece of bread in a toaster oven or in a dry frying pan. Fry the eggs and season with salt and your favorite seasonings. Put them on the bread and sprinkle with grated cheese while hot.
  2. Put them on a plate, and if you have any vegetables or herbs, add them to the dish. Enjoy!

We suggest making coffee with lemon to go with this dish. Find the recipe here.

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