They will take energy away: what trees should not be planted next to the house

Kateryna Dutik

What trees should not be planted next to the house

It is believed that some trees should not be planted near a house because they will take away the energy of the owners. There are many prohibitions on this.

UAportal offers to figure out what should be planted in your yard and what should not. Some signs about the meaning of a particular tree have a rational explanation.

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People say that spruce will take away energy and keep men out of the house. In addition, this tree is associated with death. This is because the deceased is laid to rest with spruce branches.

However, there are also good omens associated with spruce. It protects the inhabitants of a house or household from conflicts and quarrels. It takes energy only in summer and gives it back in winter.

If we are looking for a more rational explanation, then in general, the tree can be planted on the site. However, you should not do this close to the house, because the roots will grow and can destroy the foundation.


Pine trees, like Christmas trees, should not be planted near the house, allegedly because of bad energy. However, esotericists say quite the opposite: pine trees actually have very good energy and heal the air.

Nevertheless, pine trees really should not be planted near the house, but the reason is quite different. The tree creates a large shadow, does not enrich the soil with humus due to the lack of leaves, and grows strongly underground. Therefore, nothing will grow near the pine.

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Allegedly, thuja prevents young girls from getting married. This tree symbolizes grief, so it is grown in cemeteries.

People also say that thuja drives away evil spirits, so it can be planted as a hedge. It does not require any special care.


Birch has a negative effect on women and leads to infertility. It also draws water from the soil, so other plants will not grow next to it. But if the birch is behind the fence, it protects the house from evil eyes and various evil spirits. It is best to plant it near the gate.


Poplar is an energy vampire that absorbs the energy of the inhabitants of the house. It is not worth planting yet because of its hollow and fragile trunk, as strong winds can break it.

Poplar also has a powerful root system. If the tree grows close to the house, it can destroy the foundation. Allergy sufferers should also beware of this plant.

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Oak is a symbol of longevity, but it is better not to grow this tree near the house. It is believed that it sucks the strength of the inhabitants of the house and brings illness. The oak will also try to get rid of the head of the family.

If we consider a more rational component, then too powerful oak roots can shake the foundation of the house.

Willow and aspen

Willow and aspen "feed" on living energy and can "survive" in the house of their inhabitants. People say that trouble threatens those who plant these trees near their homes. However, there are no objective reasons not to like willow and aspen.

It is best to grow fruit and berry trees near the house: apple, pear, rose hips, rowan, and cherry. They have good energy, and they also produce crops and bring peace and harmony to the family.

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