Stupid tips for car drivers that shouldn't be followed so as not to make things worse

Ihor Romanko

What tips for car drivers do not help and should not be followed
What tips for car drivers do not help and should not be followed. Source: uaportal.com

In recent years, drivers all over the world have been sharing tips on how to improve their daily driving experience on the road. However, not all advice is effective. Below is a list of popular "guidelines" for drivers that, unfortunately, don't work the way inexperienced motorists expect.

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  • Some drivers advise closing one eye to make it easier to judge the distance and speed of other cars. This life hack does not work, as it leads to impaired distance perception and increases the risk of a road accident;
  • Also, you should not use the handbrake system to slow down the car. This hack is also not effective, as it can lead to damage to the brake system and other parts of the car;
  • Using balls in the beverage compartment to prevent items from tipping over. This advice is not safe. Balls can cause airbags to become trapped in the event of an accident and cause serious injury to passengers;
  • Some drivers use cell phone to light up the road in the dark. This tip can lead to additional driver distraction and reduced attention. If your headlights don't work, it's time to go to the service.

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