In CADLR, kindergarten children are taught about Russian military uniforms, death, and murder of Ukrainians

In CADLR, kindergarten children are taught about Russian military uniforms, death, and murder of Ukrainians



Today I want to talk again about the sore point: children under occupation. Because there is a reason again. Although it hasn't disappeared since 2014, the occupiers keep coming up with new excuses to remind us how they use the residents of the occupied territories.

In CADLR, children from kindergarten are taught about Russian military uniforms, death, and the killing of Ukrainians.

Parents and teachers boast about this, it is the norm in the occupation, the norm of moral behavior of adults.

The so-called "authorities" of the so-called "republics" cynically emphasize that "children should get used to military uniforms from kindergarten."

This situation with the photos of children in kindergarten photo albums signed as "assault brigade" is very revealing. And the residents of CADLR, at least those who are tired of the war, should have seen it.

These photos tell us about the occupiers' plans for both the war and the residents of CARLR.

The war is long and the resources for it are already growing - this is a simple and clear message that comes from the "sign your child up for stormtroopers" campaign. Children of CADLR are just a resource for Russia, a resource that they are cultivating for future wars.

Let me remind you once again of the main rule of perception of such texts: children are hostages of war.

Children are hostages of adults. It is adults who play with children at their discretion. For example, what will be the fate of a girl named "Russia" for the sake of hype, or a boy named "Putin"?

Children are hostages of adults. Because an adult, a grandparent, a father, or a mother, wants to see a child in a military uniform in person. And for a child of this age, it's all a game.

Children of this age will wear any uniform, even that of the Stasi, even that of Martians. They will gladly play Hitler or Chikotillo, Wagner or Putin and his team because they will choose the side of the hero that adults will point out to them.

Children in CADLR get used to the idea that they have to become military heroes and must die for Russia and Putin.

Children in CADLR get used to military uniforms and weapons from an early age, and learn to kill and beat. All the games and upbringing of children in CADLR are a circle of training to hate the world (because the enemies for these children are not only Ukrainians but also Germans, Poles, Americans, and anyone "who speaks not Russian"). Children in CADLR have a calm attitude toward weapons, blood, murder, and death.

The cult of violence that Russia brought here is thriving.

Children are brought up with violence on television, violence in the family, and violence at school. Violence in CADLR and Russia is everywhere, from everyday family violence to street violence. The militarization of society has smoothly fallen on the already prepared ground, and the new heroes of children in Russia and CADLR are "Wagner", a prisoner with "domes" and "Vova Adidas" from the new cult series about violence.

Since the beginning of 2014, the number of crimes committed by minors in the CADLR has increased significantly. And these are not just trivial fights, but gang rapes, murders, torture, kidnapping and selling children. This is how children in CADLR regulate their relationships.

In Russia, it's even worse, where children shoot their classmates and kill their parents. In Russia, the "production" of those who will go to war is sustainable. It is already a conveyor belt for the production of "bastards" who kill in cold blood whom they see as necessary or under orders.

And when we talk about the end of the war, we need to take into account the fact that children who were 3-7 years old at the beginning of the war have become almost adults since 2014. They studied at military schools and cadet corps. They have come this way on the propaganda of hatred for Ukraine, love for Russia, sacrifice, and the desire to become a hero. We will not correct their path.

Every adult who stands behind a photo of a child in the uniform of the Russian armed forces is a person who wants war, who wants their child to kill, to grow up to be a soldier, and to go to die for Putin's ideas.

When you are told that everything is good in CADLR in terms of morality and pro-Ukrainianism, do not believe it, it is the enemy who creates the illusion of security for you.

When you are told that "we grew up under Soviet propaganda and nothing happened," do not believe it, because the enemy is creating the illusion of security for you.

When you are told that "the Ukrainian Armed Forces will enter CADLR and everyone there will be for Ukraine," do not believe it, because most of those who live there hate us and dream of killing us.

When you are told that nothing has changed in the CADLR, that our people are there waiting for us, and that propaganda is only at school and no one listens to it, this person most likely has relatives there and is trying to whitewash them. I had such an experience.

Once a person who called herself a very famous volunteer started writing to me and saying all of the above. That the children there are all for Ukraine, do not listen to propaganda, are generally very moral, care about virtue, carry our flag near their hearts, and I write texts that demonize the society of the CADLR. I was struck and surprised by the statement "I live here for 20 days, I live there for 20 days, so I know everything better than you" because a person who has an open pro-Ukrainian position in Ukraine, maintains a patriotic page, and is positioned as a volunteer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will never enter the CADLR without being detained. If such a person is allowed in, it will only be to detain and punish him. And here, a person with the avatar "AFU volunteer" travels from Dnipro to Donetsk, has business and relatives there... oops... here the cards opened up. Her nephew is in the cadet corps, studying to become an officer, has taken an oath of allegiance to the "republic," her relatives are officials in the "Donetsk People's Republic," i.e. collaborators, and her business was closely connected with the criminal element in Donetsk, who moved to quiet Ukrainian cities. Of course, from her point of view, everything was not the way I wrote and write. So, assuring her readers that everything is fine and beautiful in CADLR and that there are Ukrainian children in embroidered shirts everywhere, the person pursued only her personal goals and had personal motives to distort the picture of reality because she was afraid that her relatives would be held accountable or would not be able to move to peaceful parts of Ukraine.

War is no place for the personal. I hid my pain for a long time so that it would not interfere with a sober analysis of the situation. Because a small lie can lead to a big tragedy. Any distortion of the world created by the occupiers in CADLR can be costly, and someone will pay with their lives.

Will the CADLR be liberated? Of course, it will. Just like Crimea and other occupied territories. No one can predict how it will go.

Perhaps Russia will simply withdraw, as they call it, a "negative offensive." Then lives, cities, and people will be saved there. Then the first people to wear embroidered shirts in CADLR will be teachers, educators, journalists, officials, police, prosecutors, and judges.

It will be the teachers who will be beating their chests furiously - the victims of the occupation survived as best they could. They were just teaching children literature, math, reading, and writing. And the fact that children in uniforms, with grenades, became murderers is their personal choice, "we have nothing to do with it." I don't believe that anyone would punish them. I don't believe it anymore. Because society is being prepared for reconciliation by "our people there, the victims."

In the fall of that year, in a school in the village of Komsomolske, Sverdlovsk district, Luhansk region, three teenagers "lowered" a junior high school student, as they do in the zone. I will not describe the details. They performed a ritual and ordered him to obey them because they would release a video in the city. During one of the lessons, they told him to ask to go to the toilet and wait there. These juvenile fuckers were raping this child, sending the video to their friends at school and inviting them to join in. Twelve more teenagers joined in. The victim of violence was accused of having a "gay" gene, so it was his fault. The boys had "fathers at the front," meaning that no one punished the children. The family was advised to leave the city because they were strangers there.

This is a banal story from CADLR, because there are hundreds of such stories. Children learn violence. Children learn how to gather in a pack. Children learn to set their own rules of the game.

For 10 years, "peaceful people there" have raised a generation of those who will continue the war. Yes, these children could grow up differently. But they will grow up to be those who will come to kill us.

Right now they are hostages. Hostages of war, of adults, of propaganda. And never compare the propaganda of the USSR, which taught us to be afraid of America and Europe, to be proud of the USSR, the party, and taught us to obey and be happy in the ghetto, with modern propaganda that teaches us to kill, hate, and take revenge.

In the USSR, everyday chauvinism aimed at "brothers" from the "brotherly republics" was disguised as humorous stories and jokes. The only place in the USSR where it was possible to oppress "lesser brothers," that is, not the titular nation, not Russians, was in the army, some Komsomol construction sites. Now Russia and CADLR have made chauvinism the norm, the rule, where you can hate everyone who is not Russian.

The Church of the Moscow Patriarchate openly propagates that "if you kill a non-Russian, a non-Russian apostate, it is not a sin, but joining the army of God."

This war will last for a long time. Because the more rose-colored glasses are put on our noses, the more of us will die, because people will not be ready for reality.

I feel very sorry for these children. But I know another thing: one day they will grow up and come to kill us.

We have to know this, we have to see this, we have to build a plan of protection now, a plan - no, not to save these souls, they cannot be saved - a plan for the possible rehabilitation of these people so that they can live in a civilized world of respect, laws and generally accepted morality of society.

We have to understand that a child in CADLR, seeing an AFU soldier, will perceive him as an occupier, an enemy, because he lives with this perception from the cradle.

It is very important for me that readers can think soberly about the return of these territories. Because people will return there, refugees. Because the state will send specialists, teachers, and doctors there or leave those who have been working there to work.

We must now look at these photos of the "stormtroopers" from kindergarten and think about how we will deal with all this. To dream that their parents will go to Russia to follow the occupier is to wear rose-colored glasses.

It is also important to separate the newly occupied territories, where the struggle is still ongoing, and the old occupied territories, where a critical majority is happy with the "republic" and Russia, where the hatred for us is enormous, because everyone there is their own, and those who are for Ukraine have been killed.

The newly occupied territories still remember Ukraine, the struggle is still going on there, and there is no critical majority of covert collaborators, pro-Russian or pro-Soviet people there, and there never was.

The percentage of those who are waiting for liberation from the occupation in CADLR is 1 person per 1,000 pro-Russian people, and maybe even less.

But, be that as it may, what is being done to children there is a crime. A terrible crime. And none of those involved should go unpunished. No teacher or educator from CADLR has the right to stay in the profession.

When I look at these military photos, of marching children in camouflage, these children's "let's not forget-let's not repeat", I think that CADLR is a "black mirror" where we can see what Russia dreamed of when it planned the full occupation of Ukraine.

This is what Russia would have done to all of us, to our children and grandchildren, if they had succeeded in "Kyiv in three days." And then they would have driven us as meat into a war with Poland, the Baltic states, and Germany. And our children and grandchildren would have been formed into assault units at kindergartens and learned to die for the newest tricolor fascism.

Evil must be punished. And these facts of the Russian regime's crimes should be the subject of a trial in The Hague. Because this is Russian fascism. I don't know what historians will call it: Putinism, Russian fascism, racism?

I only want the world to finally understand this, to recognize the existence of this evil and help us destroy it.