Do not expect anything good from the Pope, it's all clear about him

Александр КоваленкоАлександр Коваленко

Do not expect anything good from the Pope, it's all clear about him
Do not expect anything good from the Pope, it's all clear about him


The Pope's latest statement on the war in Ukraine caused a very strong reaction, and almost everyone who was touched by the pontiff's words spoke out. The result of Francis' latest verbal performance was that the Vatican was forced to explain what exactly the Pope meant and that his words were not quite understood by millions. That is, one single person expressed himself so ambiguously that millions once again took their heads in their hands from these words.

No, well, really, where are we all before the Pope... The essence of his words is available only to the elect, but then what is the point of his words addressed to the masses if all these unworthy ones are not allowed to understand the pontiff's profound sayings?

To be honest, I was not surprised by the pope's next verbal outburst. I expected something like this, given the current events in the war zone. After all, after the occupation of Avdiivka, we should have expected some unambiguous statements from Francis, it is predictable. For two years, this figure has been relaying to the masses narratives that are strangely synergizing with the interests of the Kremlin. Or not strange...?

But most of all, this story is not surprising or even shocking, but amusing, like the performance of the Payats, attempts to explain and justify the pope, who does not deserve it. And here's why.

Who is the Pope? The head of the Catholic Church? The leading theologian of Catholicism? Yes, yes, yes, that's all for the blessed and the poor, but he is a geopolitician. Every pope is not just a person who knows the holy scriptures, has come into contact with the Apocrypha, and is proficient in theology, but first and foremost a diplomat who understands domestic and foreign policy. No. Not a man. A shark of the elements, the leader of an empire far more vast and influential than that of any other hegemony. The United States. China.

The Pope is a diplomat, a politician, a player in a big game, versed in all aspects and nuances. No Pope would take his post as a blissful saint watching bees collecting flower nectar in the rays of the spring sun, but just the opposite, the post is occupied by those who skillfully play the big game, both internally and externally, absorbing rivals and creating alliances.

This raises a question: why has a player like the Pope been making regular, systematic statements since 2022 that the Vatican has to constantly explain what he meant and how he was misunderstood? How did a man who cannot formulate his thoughts logically become Pope? It's unbelievable. Or...

Either the Pope is on a deep suck-up to the Russian regime, which, given the history of the Vatican, cannot be unusual, or the Pope has deep dementia and it is high time he retired.

And you don't have to bother explaining to us that we have misunderstood something. Millions of people cannot misunderstand a single word. But the historical context has repeatedly demonstrated that when great blood was shed in Europe, the Holy See took the side of the one who shed this blood...

However, the Vatican then began to explain again that the Pope was misunderstood...

Wow, what an indescribably contracted succession.

By the way, Pope Francis, during the already raging war in Ukraine, visited a prison complex in the seaside town of Civitavecchia, where he washed and kissed the feet of prisoners. With this gesture, he repeated the act of Jesus during the Last Supper.

Surprisingly, while he is ready to wash and kiss the feet of prisoners, the Pope continues to refuse to visit Ukraine, where he could repeat this gesture, wash and kiss the feet of Ukrainian defenders, thanks to whom his apostolic ass is sitting in warmth and comfort.

There is no need to explain the pontiff's words, no need to justify them. Everything has long been clear with him, and do not expect anything good from him.