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Brilliant success of Ukrainian soldiers: how the pride of the Russian Navy was destroyed

Brilliant success of Ukrainian soldiers: how the pride of the Russian Navy was destroyed



For the first time in the history of world wars, a group strike of naval drones guided by a space satellite destroyed a warship that was underway on the high seas in full combat readiness.

On February 1, 2024, maritime drones of the Group 13 unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine destroyed a Russian Project 12411 missile boat in the Black Sea near a secure naval base on Lake Donuzlav in the temporarily occupied Crimea. The Project 12411 missile boat, with a displacement of up to 500 tons and a crew of 40, is armed with P-270 Moskit supersonic anti-ship missiles. According to the video, a group of at least five maritime drones of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine attacked the missile boat, which was conducting combat patrols and defending the base, one after the other. It is worth noting that Russian intelligence did not notice the approach of the drones.

The crew of the missile boat, according to the DIU, it was the Ivanovets, judging by the video, who noticed the approach of the drones visually only before the attack. The boat was underway at the time of the attack and could maneuver. A missile boat can reach speeds of more than 30 knots and simply escape from the drones. But the Ivanovets did not have time to gain speed.

The 76 mm AK-176 bow anti-aircraft artillery system, as can be clearly seen, was in a stowed position, meaning it was not activated and did not open fire. It is also not clear that the Russians had time to bring two 30 mm AK-630 anti-aircraft artillery systems, which are capable of conducting shield fire on moving targets at short distances, into action. But apparently, the drones were hit by machine gun fire from close range by the watch on duty. However, due to the small size, speed, and maneuverability of the drones, the Russians failed to hit them.

The attack tactics chosen by the Group 13 commanders are admirable - the first drone hit the stern of the boat from the starboard side to disable the propellers. The boat was unable to reach full speed, but did not stop. Then the second drone also hit the propellers, but on the port side. With these two strikes, the boat was reliably deprived of movement and maneuver.

After that, the ship was competently finished off. The third drone struck the middle of the hull under the Mosquito missile launchers, causing a large hole in the port side. The video from this drone is not shown.

However, the results of the hit are visible on the camera of the fourth drone, which the operator pointed directly into the crater from the third drone in the same place.

The explosion from the fourth drone was fatal for the ship. The impact detonated four Moskit missiles with a total weight of 4 tons each. The Ivanivets missile boat literally shattered into pieces, leaving the crew with little chance of survival.

The brilliant success of the Ukrainian warriors, the command and operators of the DIU Group 13 showed a high level of intelligence, planning, preparation, and management of the operation. The attack tactics deserve to be studied as a model.

It is worth noting that the purpose of the attack was not to damage, but to completely destroy the ship, so a whole group of drones was dispatched to reliably perform the task, which allowed us to inflict maximum losses on the enemy.