Sony unveils updated PlayStation 5 with removable storage

Maryna Gramovych

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5. Source: itechua.com

Japanese tech giant Sony has unexpectedly released an updated version of its hugely popular PlayStation 5 gaming console. This new iteration boasts several interesting features, including a detachable optical drive, a spacious 1TB internal storage, and a redesigned stand.

One of the most noticeable improvements is the reduced size and weight of the console. The disk version has decreased by 24% and now weighs only 3.2 kilograms, and the digital version - by 18%, to 2.4 kilograms. Sony engineers managed to achieve this by reducing the overall volume of the device by an impressive 30%.

A unique design feature is a removable disk drive cleverly integrated into the side of the console. Users can remove this drive and replace it with a standard side panel, offering versatility in the look and function of the PlayStation 5.

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For those who prefer a traditional optical drive, a Blu-ray drive can be purchased separately for $79.99 or €119.99.

Gamers will also appreciate the addition of two slots on each side and two USB-C ports on the front of the console, which expands connectivity and potential accessories.

However, there is a catch for those who prefer a vertical console orientation: the new PS5 only comes with a stand for horizontal placement. To set it up vertically, you can purchase a special stand for $29.99 or 29.99 euros.

The updated PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves in November at a competitive price. The non-drive version will be available for $449.99, offering a more affordable entry point to the next-generation gaming experience, while the full console package will cost $499.99. In Europe, the prices will be 449.99 and 549.99 euros, respectively.

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