Broken thermometer: what to do in such a case

Vladyslav Moskalenko

What to do if the thermometer breaks

When a thermometer has broken, it is very important to safely remove the mercury. In this article, UAportal will delve into the basic precautions to take when someone is faced with a broken thermometer.

Potential Risks

Exposure to mercury can lead to harmful health effects, especially if inhaled or in contact with the skin. Understanding the dangerous nature of mercury and safe handling practices can help protect yourself and others.

Isolate the scene

If a thermometer is broken, immediately isolate the area to minimize the risk of contact with broken glass or spilled mercury. Ventilate the area thoroughly to dispel any vapors that may be present.

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Wear protective gloves

Wearing protective gloves when handling a broken thermometer is crucial to avoid direct skin contact with any hazardous substances. Non-latex or nitrile gloves are recommended for this purpose. Remember to dispose of the gloves properly, following hazardous waste regulations to prevent environmental contamination.

Mercury cleanup

Use masking tape or a commercially available mercury cleanup kit to collect visible mercury. Do not use a vacuum cleaner as it may spread mercury vapor.

Contact the appropriate authorities

In the case of a broken thermometer containing mercury, notify the appropriate local authorities or a professional hazardous waste disposal service for guidance on proper disposal procedures. Always follow their instructions carefully to ensure the safe recovery and disposal of the broken thermometer and any contaminated materials.

As a reminder, anyone can break a mercury thermometer, and UAportal has prepared important tips on how to effectively handle this situation.

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