Five things in the kitchen that you are most likely storing incorrectly

Maryna Gramovych

How to organise the storage of kitchen items

To help you organize your kitchen efficiently, UAportal has prepared a list of things that most people store incorrectly. Regardless of whether it's food or tools, these tips will help you keep your kitchen tidy and items stored properly.


Do not store knives in a drawer or leave them on the countertop unattended. Not only does this pose a health hazard but it can also contribute to bluntness. To store your knives properly, purchase a knife holder or magnetic strip.

This will keep your knives securely in place and provide easy access to them when needed. Don't forget to clean and dry your knives before storing them to prevent rust.


Many people make the mistake of storing spices near the stove or in a place in the sun. This can cause them to lose their aroma and flavor more quickly. To keep your spices fresh and flavorful, store them in a cool, dark place, such as a pantry or cupboard. This will help preserve their flavor and aroma for a longer period.


Oils such as olive and sunflower are widely used in cooking and baking. They should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from heat and sun.

Exposure to these factors can cause the oil to become bitter and lose its flavor. In addition, make sure the bottles are tightly closed to prevent air from entering.

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Perishable foods

Perishable foods, such as dairy products, meat, and leftovers, should always be stored in the refrigerator to prevent them from spoiling and growing harmful bacteria. Many people make the mistake of leaving these foods on the countertop for a long time. This can cause food poisoning.

To ensure the safety and freshness of perishable foods, put them in the refrigerator immediately after eating. Moreover, check the expiration date regularly and throw away any food that has gone bad.

Fruits and vegetables

Finally, it is important to store fruits and vegetables separately to prevent them from spoiling quickly. Fruits give off ethylene gas, which can accelerate ripening and thus spoil vegetables.

To keep food fresh longer, store fruits and vegetables in separate compartments or containers in the refrigerator. This will help preserve their freshness and extend their shelf life.

As a reminder, we have prepared practical tips to ensure the safety and quality of food.

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