Adventure films of 2007-2010: the plot fascinates anyone

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Adventure films of 2007-2010: the plot fascinates anyone

The 2000s were an incredible decade for adventure films, providing some of the most exciting and entertaining cinematic experiences. UAportal has compiled a list of the five best adventure films released between 2007 and 2010.

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

IMDB rating: 6.5

Genre: Adventure, Family

Country: USA Length: 93 min Year: 2008

Producer: Eric Brevig

This film follows Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser), a scientist who discovers a mysterious book written in French by his uncle Verne in the 16th century about a journey to the centre of the earth. Together with his nephew Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) and guide Hannah Estrem (Anita Bream), they embark on an incredible journey into an underworld full of unusual creatures and breathtaking landscapes.

Along the way, they must fight against time, facing various obstacles to return home alive. Trevor, Sean and Hannah soon discover that what they once thought impossible is now becoming a reality - as they travel further than ever before!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

IMDB rating: 6.6

Genre: Adventure, Family

Country: USA Length: 150 min Year: 2008

Producer: Andrew Adamson

This second instalment in The Chronicles of Narnia series follows the return of four siblings - Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie - to Narnia after years of absence. The magical land is now occupied by the Telmarins, who have enslaved its inhabitants and banished all magical creatures from its borders.

They will have to help bring peace and freedom back to Narnia by finding the missing king - Aslan's rightful heir, Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes). Along the way, they are assisted by new allies such as Ripitchip (Eddie Izzard), Trufflehunter (Ken Stott) and Trumpkin (Peter Dinklage). They have to fight soldiers from both sides, as well as supernatural forces, if they want to succeed in their mission!

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IMDB rating: 8

Genre: Science fiction, adventure

Country: USA Length: 162 mins Year: 2009

Producer: James Cameron

James Cameron's revolutionary sci-fi epic tells the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a former Marine who is stranded on an alien world called Pandora, inhabited by a humanoid race known as the Na'vi. Tasked by Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) to infiltrate this alien race, Jake joins forces with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), a Na'vi female warrior with whom he later falls in love.

Together, Jake and Neytiri try to save Pandora from human colonisation, while learning more about this beautiful but dangerous planet. Filled with stunning visuals, thrilling action and emotional moments, Avatar is undoubtedly one of the greatest science fiction films ever made!


IMDB rating: 8.3

Genre: Animation, Adventure

Country: USA Duration: 96 mins Year: 2009

Producer: Pete Docter

This animated film tells the story of 78-year-old Carl Fredriksen, whose lifelong dream is to have one last adventure before he calls it quits. He ties thousands of balloons to his house and sets off for South America, but not alone! He soon discovers that the stowaway aboard his flying house is a young wildlife researcher named Russell.

Together, Carl and Russell embark on a journey full of unexpected encounters and emotional moments, where they learn the importance of friendship as they try to make Carl's dream come true! Up has gained widespread popularity for its innovative animation techniques and original storyline, making it one of the most beloved animated films ever made!

Sherlock Holmes

IMDB Rating 9

Genre: mystery, adventure

Country United Kingdom Length 128 mins Year 2009

Produced by Guy Ritchie

Based on the famous character created almost two centuries ago by Arthur Conan Doyle, the film stars Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Watson. In this fast-paced thriller, London faces a threat from a notorious criminal, Professor Moriarty, who plans to destroy the city if the police don't find him first.

With Scotland Yard baffled by the professor's whereabouts, Sherlock Holmes sets out to investigate the case, encountering a variety of strange characters along the way, including Rachel McAdams' Irene Adler. The combination of pulse-pounding action and clever detective work brings the legendary detective back to life in an exciting and unforgettable way!

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