Why you shouldn't clean cobwebs in the house: what it signifies

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Why you shouldn't clean cobwebs in the house

In the ancient beliefs of our ancestors, spiders were considered companions of the house owner, and their webs were powerful protectors from problems, misfortunes, and sorrows.

Spider webs in the house may seem unpleasant and indicate a lack of cleaning, at least from a logical point of view. However, according to folklore, these cobwebs are important and are believed to bring prosperity and financial wealth. They can even serve as amulets or talismans.

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Spiders naturally build webs and can be found in every household and urban apartment. They are usually attracted to places with more dirt, dust, and higher humidity levels. These places usually include areas behind radiators, kitchen hoods, places behind cabinets, and corners of rooms.

Increased indoor humidity can be the result of poor ventilation or a damp basement, which allows spiders to enter the house. In addition, spiders can appear in homes with a large number of cockroaches, ants, or other insects. Therefore, before fighting spiders, it is recommended to solve the insect problem.

Our ancestors had a deep understanding of the symbolism of cobwebs in the house. They believed that spiders acted as benevolent guardians, and their webs functioned as a highly effective filter against negative energy, problems, and bad luck. Through the intricate structure of the web, happiness and good fortune come into our homes, and everything negative is entangled and dispersed.

The cobwebs found in the corners of the house indicate the accumulation of negative energy in these places. According to beliefs, spiders are sent by the house owner to spin webs, cleansing the energy in the house.

If spider webs are observed above or behind the front door, it serves as a warning of possible rumors and gossip on the horizon. You should be prepared for possible intrigues from ill-wishers who may be scheming behind your back.

Finding cobwebs above or behind interior doors warns against deception and lies. It is not recommended to remove such cobwebs, as this can aggravate the situation.

It is noteworthy that the cobwebs in the kitchen mean that the owner of the house will soon receive much-needed help.

If you woke up in the morning and found a cobweb right above your bed, expect good luck in a particular endeavor. Until this sign comes true, it is important not to disturb the cobwebs.

In weather forecasts, a spider web in the corner of a window with a spider sitting in its center means good weather. Conversely, if there is no spider in the web, you can expect rain.

Accidentally hitting a spider web on a window means an imminent meeting with an old friend.

According to other beliefs, a spider web on a window serves as protection from the evil eye and evil intent. But a torn cobweb on a window indicates future troubles.

Traditionally, cobwebs are removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner. However, personal beliefs suggest alternative methods. One approach involves using a church candle to burn the cobwebs, ensuring that the spider remains unharmed.

Alternatively, the web can be gently wiped off with a cloth dipped in saltwater, accompanied by the words "All the bad, go away, and let only the good remain." This ritual is aimed at cleansing the house of negativity and adverse influences. It is important not to harm or kill spiders, as this can offend or provoke the housekeeper.

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