Natural alternatives to shoe cream: what to choose

Maryna Gramovych

How to replace shoe polish

UAportal has prepared a selection of effective tips on how to replace shoe polish with ordinary household products. Convenient and eco-friendly, these alternatives are worth a try.

Coffee grounds

Instead of buying expensive shoe polish, you can use coffee grounds for a natural shine. The natural oils contained in coffee grounds restore the shine and depth of color of shoes, as well as give them a subtle shade. In addition, coffee grounds have the added benefit of absorbing unpleasant odors.

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Olive oil

Another viable alternative to shoe polish is olive oil. To achieve a glossy shine, apply a small amount of olive oil to a clean cloth. Then gently rub the oil into your shoes in a circular motion. This process helps to replenish moisture, giving the shoe a refreshed look and a smooth, glossy shine. Make sure to polish off any excess oil to prevent staining or dust accumulation.

Banana peel

It may come as a surprise, but the peel of a ripe banana can be an effective substitute for shoe polish. For a quick shine, rub the inside of a fresh banana peel directly onto your shoes. The natural oils and waxes contained in the peel moisturize and give a subtle shine. To add shine, use a clean cloth to gently remove any residue left after rubbing.

Remember that the smell of worn shoes can be unpleasant and embarrassing. There are tried and true methods to help reduce and remove shoe odor.

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