Drivers should know this: how to use less gasoline

Maryna Gramovych

How to use less fuel

In this article, UAportal will talk about life hacks that will help you save fuel. Learn practical tips on effective route planning, car maintenance for optimal fuel economy and avoiding unnecessary idling.

Efficient route planning

To consume less gasoline, it's important to plan your routes efficiently. This life hack involves avoiding unnecessary detours and minimizing the distance traveled.

Use navigation apps or online maps in advance to determine the shortest and most convenient routes. By using this strategy, you will not only reduce fuel consumption but also save time and money.


Another tip for reducing gasoline consumption is to ensure that your car is properly maintained. Regular car maintenance and regular tire pressure checks can significantly improve your fuel efficiency.

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Underinflated tires create more resistance, which leads to higher gasoline consumption. It is also advisable to keep your car's air filter clean to improve airflow and reduce the amount of gasoline used. Taking care of your vehicle's maintenance maximizes fuel efficiency and also helps you save on fuel costs.

Minimize idle time

Excessive idling is a major cause of fuel waste. Whether you're waiting for someone or stuck in traffic, it's a good idea to turn off the engine if you're stopped for more than a minute.

Restarting the engine consumes less gasoline compared to prolonged idling. Adopting this simple habit can significantly reduce gasoline consumption and lead to long-term savings. By minimizing unnecessary idle time, you can effectively reduce your overall gasoline usage.

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