Comfortable and practical: top 5 basics for winter

Maryna Gramovych

Comfortable and practical: top 5 basics for winter

When winter comes, it is important to have a basic closet that will be comfortable and practical. UAportal has prepared the top 5 basic things for winter that you should buy.

Winter down jacket

Down jacket is an essential item in the cold season. Choose a down jacket with quality insulation that will provide warmth and comfort at low temperatures. It is also important to consider waterproof and windproof properties.

Warm sweaters

A warm sweater or cardigan will be a great foundation for your closet. You can wear them individually or under a down jacket for extra warmth.

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Warm pants or jeans

Choose pants or jeans with a special warm lining or high quality insulation. This will keep you comfortable even on a cold day.

Warm boots

You need to choose waterproof and warm boots to protect you from snow and cold. They should be comfortable and provide a good grip on the snow.

Hat and gloves

Don't forget accessories such as a warm hat and gloves to help protect your head and hands from the cold. Choose quality and warm items.

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