How to remove hair from the carpet: five useful tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to remove hair from the carpet: five useful tips

Pet owners often face an unpleasant situation when their pet's hair collects on the carpet. UAportal has prepared tips on how to quickly and easily remove hair from the carpet.

Tip 1

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before attempting to remove hair. This will ensure that all residual fibers are removed before the next step.

Tip 2

Use tweezers to pull the hair gently out of the carpet fibers. Be very careful not to damage the carpet fabric.

Tip 3

If there are stubborn strands of wool that won't come out with tweezers, use a steam cleaner or an iron on low heat. Be sure to move it around, and don't leave it in one place for too long to avoid burning the carpet fibers.

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Tip 4

Once all the fur is removed, use an upholstery brush and vacuum the area again. This will help restore the original texture and fluffiness.

Tip 5

To prevent further hair buildup in your carpets, regularly rub them with a lint roller (especially if you have pets). This will help collect any remaining fibers before they become difficult to remove later.

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