How to learn to accept criticism: three ways to benefit from it

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to separate criticism from self-esteem

No one likes to be criticized. However, sometimes you need to learn how to accept negative feedback about yourself and respond to it normally. Uaportal has prepared practical tips to help you accept these comments and use them as an opportunity for improvement.

Take criticism as an opportunity for improvement

  • Be ready to learn

Comments can help people get better at what they do.

  • Reframe negative thoughts

Focus on the constructive aspects of criticism and use it as motivation to grow.

  • Practice self-analysis

Take time to reflect on your own work and identify areas for improvement. Being honest with yourself and recognizing your weaknesses can make it easier to accept criticism from others.

  • Seek feedback regularly

Ask for criticism from others, whether it's from coworkers, mentors, or managers. It's important to create a safe and open environment where people feel comfortable giving honest feedback.

Separate criticism from self-assessment

It is important to remember that receiving criticism does not make someone a failure or a bad person.

  • Focus on the behavior, not the person

When receiving criticism, remember that it is directed at actions or work, not the person. It is important to separate the person from the feedback and focus on improving specific behaviors or skills.

  • Don't take it personally

Don't take criticism personally and don't get defensive. Instead, you should realize that it is a subjective assessment of your work.

Learn from the criticism

To really benefit from criticism, you must learn from it

  • Analyze the criticism

Look for patterns or recurring themes, as this can help you identify areas for improvement.

  • Set goals for improvement

Based on the feedback you receive, it's important to set specific and achievable goals for improvement. It's helpful to break them down into smaller, manageable steps that you can work on gradually.

  • Implement the changes

Respond to feedback by implementing the necessary changes to apply the lessons learned and demonstrate your own growth.

  • Track progress

It is important to regularly evaluate progress and determine whether the changes made are effective.

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