How to quickly catch a mouse so that it does not bite you: 5 simple life hacks

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to quickly catch a mouse so that it does not bite you: 5 simple life hacks

UAportal has prepared the best tips to catch a mouse. They will allow you to catch a rodent quickly and easily.

Tip 1

Place traps near walls. Mice tend to move along walls, so place traps near them is an effective way to catch mice. Make sure the trap is securely attached to the wall or floor.

Tip 2

Use traps with sticky glue. It is an affordable way to catch mice without using bait. The glue should be applied in areas where mice are more active, such as behind furniture or household appliances.

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Tip 3

Use bait. Baiting traps with food can attract mice more effectively than other methods. Choose foods such as peanut butter, cheese, or nuts that are attractive to mice but difficult to remove from the trap without getting stuck in it.

Tip 4

Make sure the area around the trap is clean. Mice are less likely to approach a dirty area because of its smell and the potential presence of disease-carrying parasites. Any food sources should also be removed from the area as they will attract competing animals such as rats, not just mice.

Tip 5

Check your traps regularly. Check traps daily so trapped mice can be quickly released or disposed of before they experience unnecessary suffering or injury from being trapped too long. It also ensures that, if necessary, the trap can be reset before another mouse finds it again.

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Examples of applying each tip to different situations:

In kitchens, place sticky glue traps under appliances and furniture where food may be spilled, as this will attract mice more effectively than bait. Make sure all food sources, such as pet food bowls, are away from these areas!

Also, use bait traps along the walls to catch any rodents that try to escape the glue trap's clutches.

In bathrooms, place bait traps on eaves or shelves where droppings have been found. Make sure there are no other food sources nearby or you will attract rats.

Also, use sticky glue traps next to any cracks or holes in pipes so that if a mouse gets in through them, it can't get back out!

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