Where not to hang a mirror in the house: how to get rid of negative energy

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Alternative options for mirror placement

Mirrors serve as both decorative and energetic elements in the home. They can amplify, reflect, or distort the energy surrounding a person. UaPortal shares where they are and are not allowed to be hung to maintain harmony and well-being in the family.

Opposite the front door

A mirror placed in front of the entrance reflects all the positive and negative energy entering the room. Therefore, it can unintentionally repel good luck, prosperity, and even guests. To attract good energy, it is advisable to hang a mirror on the wall to the left or right of the door.

Opposite the window

When a mirror is placed opposite a window, it reflects energy from the outside. However, this can amplify the negativity coming from inauspicious objects outside the window, such as a cemetery, hospital, or trash can. In addition, a mirror in this location can create a feeling of coldness and emptiness in the room. To counteract this, hang it on the wall adjacent to the window so that it reflects light and creates a cozy feeling.

Opposite the bed

Placing a mirror directly opposite the bed can disrupt sleep and overall health. The constant reflection of movement and emotions will lead to excessive anxiety and tension. Moreover, it can cause outside interference in the relationship between spouses or provoke nightmares and fears. To maintain a calm sleeping atmosphere, mount a mirror on the wall behind the headboard or hide it behind a curtain or picture.

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