Experts named effective ways to save fuel

Maria Tsikhotska

Experts named effective ways to save fuel
Experts named effective ways to save fuel

UaPortal has selected effective recommendations that will allow you to save fuel.

First, pay attention to the type and condition of the tires. Fuel consumption is affected by the following:


tire pressure;

tire and disk width;

Tire pressure:

Always check the tire pressure. If it decreases by 0.1 atm in 4 tires simultaneously, this will increase fuel consumption by 2-3%. Why does this happen? A flat tire unevenly distributes the pressure on the road, which reduces the force of adhesion to the surface and the controllability of the car.

Tire seasonality

Put tires according to the season: winter tires on a dry road in the warm season slip and, accordingly, increase fuel consumption. Therefore, winter rubber is only for the cold season: it does not tan, does not make noise, and provides a soft ride.

Tire width and type

Wider tires - more load on the engine, which leads to more fuel consumption.

How to save fuel?

- Do not chase. Aggressive driving with sharp braking increases fuel consumption.

– Use the gearbox correctly:

First gear is used to move from a standstill.

The second gear is for acceleration.

The third is for overtaking a vehicle.

The fourth - is for moving through populated areas.

Fifth - for driving on the highway.

– The number of engine revolutions per minute should not exceed 2000.

– The spark plug gap should be equal to 1 mm - this ensures complete combustion of the mixture in the cylinders.

– Drive behind a car at a distance of 2 m, behind a truck - at 4 m, and behind a bus - at 5 m. In this way, the car will move in a zone with reduced air, saving 40% of fuel.

- Driving in rainy weather increases fuel consumption by 15%.

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– Raise the window – if the window is down, air resistance increases, as does fuel consumption (on average by 1.5%).

- The lighter the car, the greater the fuel economy.

– Buy good quality oil that reduces friction between parts, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

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