Ancient omens: what you need to know about the importance of bread

Maryna Gramovych

Ancient omens: what you need to know about the importance of bread

The history of omens related to bread reaches the depths of centuries, shrouded in a haze of mysticism. UAportal explores this topic, revealing intriguing details.

Ancient traditions warn against a frivolous attitude to the cutting of bread. Deeply rooted belief that unceremoniously tearing bread, you can destroy your fate. Breaking off pieces of bread with bare hands led to the fact that the crumbs flew all over the table and floor, they could not be collected and fed to birds or pets. In addition, it was believed that aimlessly discarded bread attracts disease and inspires poverty in the family.

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Cutting the ceremonial loaf was particularly difficult. It required a special knife. Dressed in clean festive attire, the master of the house would hold a freshly sharpened knife in his right hand and gradually begin to make incisions on the top - the raised part of the loaf located on top of the bread.

To ensure optimal quality and preservation of the product, refrain from buying excess bread in advance. This practice ensures both thriftiness and getting freshly baked bread. Avoid using plastic bags to store bread. It is better to use a designated bread box or bowl covered with a clean cloth napkin.

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