Actions to avoid before traveling: you'll be surprised

Maryna Gramovych

Actions to avoid before traveling

When preparing for a trip, it is important to consider different factors that can affect the trip. It is advisable to keep in mind certain activities that should be avoided before embarking on a trip to prevent potential trouble and ensure a smooth journey.

Throughout history, wise people have used folk omens as guidelines for a favorable departure. UAportal will tell you about them.

Do not wash your hair

One of the famous omens advises not to wash your head before leaving. Observance of this belief is focused on supporting protection from dark forces. It is recommended to wash your head a day before traveling or after arriving at your destination.

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Cross the threshold from the right foot

It is also believed that you should enter a new room from the right foot. Our ancestors associated the left side of the body with unclean forces and negative events, and the right side with good energy and light. Therefore, remember to start traveling by stepping over the threshold with your right foot.

Avoid sewing

Perhaps one of the most important things to avoid is sewing or repairing clothes before traveling. According to ancient beliefs, this can bring bad luck, leading to illness, quarrels and financial difficulties.

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