What consumes more electricity: a money-saving life hack

Vladyslav Moskalenko

What consumes more electricity: a money-saving life hack

If you want to reduce your energy costs, it's time to look at strategies to save money. The key is to understand which appliances are the most energy-intensive in your home.

The major electricity consumers in your home

Among a wide range of appliances, washing machines and refrigerators are the biggest consumers of electricity. While some people assume that appliances such as microwave ovens or electric kettles consume a significant amount of electricity due to their higher power, this assumption is incorrect.

However, you can easily calculate the electricity consumption of your refrigerator and washing machine by analyzing their wattage and duration of use.

How to determine the daily electricity consumption of a refrigerator

Electricity consumption depends on factors such as the condition of the refrigerator, its energy efficiency level and temperature. Modern refrigerators typically consume about 1 kW of electricity. During the start-up phase, the compressor's power consumption can reach 1.5 kW, and during normal operation it drops to 300W.

The exact consumption data is usually mentioned in the device manual or on the label of the compressor. Therefore, paying attention to this information when buying a new refrigerator can be helpful.

Comparison of electricity consumption:

Computer vs. TV

Frequently used electrical appliances such as computers (laptops) and televisions also contribute to electricity consumption. A computer that runs for about 5 hours a day can consume between 20 to 81 kWh, while a TV consumes between 6.5 to 30 kWh in the same time, depending on the model.

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Fan vs. air conditioner

Fans have a significant advantage due to their minimal electricity consumption, while air conditioners are among the most energy-intensive devices that can significantly increase your overall energy bill.

Tips for saving electricity

Reducing how often you use your washing machine can result in savings. By optimizing this household chore and not washing laundry every day, you can reduce your electricity consumption. However, do not overload the machine as this can affect the meter readings.

Also, moving the refrigerator away from heat sources such as the stove and providing adequate ventilation through open windows can prevent it from cooling forever.

It's also important to use other appliances optimally and only when necessary. For example, if you temporarily leave a room with the TV and lights on, it's best to turn them off.

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