Don'ts: Driving habits that harm your car

Maria Tsikhotska

Don'ts: Driving habits that harm your car
Don'ts: Driving habits that harm your car

Not only mileage and age affect the condition of the car. Some habits of the owner can greatly shorten the life of the car. For example, regular smoking in the cabin leads to a bad smell in the cabin and its wear and tear. In addition, smoking affects the state of the windshield, on which a film appears over time which impairs visibility.

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Another bad habit is squeezing the clutch on cars with a manual transmission at stops. The habit of driving like this will cost the owner rapid wear of parts. For the owners of the automatic box, the rule is also the same: it is forbidden to deliberately turn on the "parking" mode at every traffic light.

It is also harmful to avoid using a "towel". In a car with a manual gearbox, the load on the parts of the transmission increases if you leave the car on a slope without putting the handbrake on.

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