What is the best way to purify water: advantages and disadvantages of filter pitchers

Maryna Gramovych

An alternative way to get drinking water

UAportal has prepared this material to give you an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of filter pitchers for water purification. This detailed review will help you make an informed decision about purchasing this filtration system.

Advantages of filter pitchers:

  • Improved water quality

Filter pitchers remove contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria from tap water effectively. ensuring clean and safe water for consumption.

  • Convenience.

These pitchers are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Simply fill the pitcher with tap water and the filter will purify it.

  • Financial benefits

Purchasing a filtered pitcher can be a more cost-effective option than buying bottled water or installing a whole-house filtration system.

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Disadvantages of filter pitchers:

  • Limited capacity

They have a small capacity, which requires frequent refilling for large families that consume a lot of water.

  • Replacing the filters

The filters need to be replaced regularly depending on how often they are used, which increases the overall cost.

  • Slow filtration process

The filtration process can be relatively slow, which is not convenient for those who need to get filtered water quickly.

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