What to expect from the upcoming iPad mini 7

Vladyslav Moskalenko

What to expect from the upcoming iPad mini 7
What to expect from the upcoming iPad mini 7

Ahead of the announcement of Apple's new compact tablet,  we found some new details about the 7th generation iPad mini that are surfacing online. Insiders are reporting four key changes that could make this tablet a notable upgrade over its predecessor.

1. A new chip for improved performance

The centerpiece of the iPad mini 7 improvements is the expected A16 Bionic chip. This powerful chip was also used in the iPhone 15 and last year's iPhone 14 Pro, promising a significant performance boost.

It is predicted to be 10% more powerful and 50% faster in graphics tasks compared to the previous model. Moreover, it will be equipped with a new image processor (ISP), which will give the tablet a lot of interesting camera features.

2. Enhanced camera features

The iPad mini 7 will feature upgraded cameras, though don't expect the massive 48-megapixel sensors found in the iPhone 15. Apple is likely to introduce new camera modules that will offer advanced features.

These features could include the ability to shoot ProRes video, record stereo sound, access portrait mode, and support portrait lighting.

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3- Bright new colors

Apple is known for its wide range of colors for its devices, and the iPad mini 7 will not disappoint you. While the current Mini is available in space gray, star, pink, and purple, the next generation of tablets is expected to take on the vibrant color palette of the iPhone 15.

This means you'll likely be able to choose from options like black, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

4. Eliminating the "jelly" effect

One of the common complaints about the current iPad mini model is the "jelly" effect that some users experience.

Apple plans to address this issue by returning the screen controller to 90 degrees in the iPad mini 7 design. This change should eliminate the unpleasant visual effect and result in a smoother viewing experience.

In addition to these notable updates, the 7th generation iPad mini will offer support for faster Wi-Fi 6e networks, an upgraded 5G modem, and various other improvements.

If the insiders' predictions come true, we can expect an official unveiling of this exciting new product in October.

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