5 interesting facts about loft style: what you should know

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Facts about loft style

Loft style is experiencing a surge in popularity in Ukraine. This trend is fueled by the desire to have a more personalized and cozy atmosphere in the house. To tell you more about this style, UAportal has gathered interesting facts about it.

Fact 1

The origins of the loft can be traced back to the 1940s in Manhattan, where inventive people revitalized abandoned industrial buildings, turning them into apartments and art studios. This innovative concept initially gained popularity among creative professionals.

Fact 2

London has a reputation as Europe's loft epicenter. During Margaret Thatcher's reign, warehouses were converted into residential and commercial spaces.

Fact 3

Breweries are often turned into exciting loft spaces in the Czech Republic. One prime example is the Mešťan brewery in Prague. The country's authorities prioritize preserving the historical charm and individuality of such locations, forcing owners to keep all the details, including the iconic brick chimney on the roof.

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Fact 4

Gasometer is a Viennese loft transformed from former gas holders and gas storage facilities. Four brick cylindrical buildings 70 meters high, each created by a different designer. The historic exteriors have been carefully preserved. These gas holders have become a mini-city within Vienna with residential, commercial and entertainment areas.

Fact 5

The first initiative to repurpose post-industrial ruins in Ukraine was the Isolation Center for Cultural Initiatives, located in a former insulation plant. Opened in Donetsk in 2010, it welcomed visitors with more than 20 art projects. The hub has now moved to the historic Podol neighborhood in Kiev, known as IZONE. This creative space hosts educational programs including lectures, master classes and workshops.

The loft style continues to fascinate people looking for unique and exciting spaces filled with character and history. The rise in popularity of the loft demonstrates a growing appreciation for individualized environments that foster creativity and unforgettable experiences.

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