Beetles and worms will run away: what and how to treat radishes from pests

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Beetles and worms will run away: what and how to treat radishes from pests

Radish is considered the most resistant to diseases and pests, but it is difficult to grow it intact. Harmful insects actively attack young plants and can lead to the destruction of the entire crop.

Most of all, radishes are favored by cruciferous fleas (small black bugs), whiteflies (butterflies) and their caterpillars, bears (attacking fruits), cabbage flies, moths (gray-brown butterflies), rapeseed bugs (black bugs with yellow stripes on their backs), larvae of the scale insects, etc.

To protect the crop, you need to treat the leaves of the plant and the soil in which the radish grows in time.

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Chemicals used to treat radish beds:

The leaves are sprayed with dissolved preparations such as Vertik, Actellik, and Proteus. Before sowing, add Force to the soil.

Biological preparations:

"Aktofit, Bitoxibacillin, and their analogs are used to treat the leaves. Boverin, Metarizin, or a ready-made mixture of Metavite are used against larvae in the soil.

Folk remedies for pests:

Ash - it is used to dust plants and the soil in which they grow. It does not cope with soil larvae.

Fabric impregnated with used automobile or diesel oil - the shreds should be placed in the aisles at a distance of at least 4 meters. After 2-3 days, turn the fabric over to collect as many pests as possible. Bordeaux liquid - a 3% solution of the drug is used for spraying (300 g of copper sulfate and 450 g of lime per 10 liters of water).

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An aqueous solution of lime - 2 cups of the product should be diluted in 10 liters of water and used for watering plants.


A solution of copper sulfate (1 tbsp/10 l of water) with the addition of laundry soap (40 g) - is only for spraying.

Insist on a decoction of onion husks (20 g/1 liter) for a day and treat the tops of plants.

Liquid manure - feed the radish with it (not often and not with a saturated solution).

Some pests are scared off by the smell of cinnamon, so the powder is sprinkled between the rows.

Soap with ash is also unpleasant for insects and worms. Dissolve 50 g of laundry soap and 2 cups of wood ash in a bucket of water. The resulting composition is mixed well and used to water the radishes.

You can also try mixing mustard and pepper. Mix a teaspoon of hot pepper powder, 2 tablespoons of salt, and the same amount of dry mustard in 10 liters of water. Water the soil near the radishes with the mixture.

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