The lives of these zodiac signs will soon explode in a hurricane of trouble

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The lives of these zodiac signs will soon explode in a hurricane of trouble

Life isn't always bright, and that's okay, because in many ways, ups and downs are a normal part of life. The next few days of March will be difficult for the three zodiac signs that had a pleasant start to the month.

Saturn is ruling in Pisces, so transformations are bound to happen. Astrologers have named three signs that should prepare for a difficult period.


At work, your responsibilities will be overwhelming and you will feel unbearably overwhelmed. It's not just about working on your own results, but also on those colleagues who could benefit from your kindness and loyalty. The latter have blind faith in your practical and analytical flair, which leaves no room for criticism of the productivity that your bosses praise. Why waste energy for free when you need it too?

Personal conflicts are visible during this period. Your partner will want to take a dominant place in your life and even be in front of you at work. This is not so bad. You are used to arranging little surprises for your loved one and fuelling the fire of your relationship. Being a successful couple is also a noble mission!


At the end of March, some people may show their anger by criticising your outlook on life and decisions in certain situations. They will say that you overcomplicate things or overdramatise them because they don't have your mental stability and cognitive soundness. There is no doubt about your ability to be independent and choose the path that best suits your principles.

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You don't want to offend those who criticise you with the same attitude because they are your friends and you value them no matter what. At the end of March, you will be hit with crazy statements, but you endure them through force and in hindsight, because you know your worth more than anyone else.


A forward-thinking attitude requires a lot of concentration and determination, and suddenly at the end of March they'll just get tired of holding on for so long. You're not as weak as you think, you just need to recharge your batteries and regain your strength.

When you lay down your arms, you will have the impression that all problems will fall on you one by one. This is just a fleeting illusion, completely unfounded. A warrior is never proud of his rest; action is in his blood.

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