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Zelensky expressed his opinion on forced mobilization: "very incorrect"

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Zelensky expressed his opinion on forced mobilization: 'very incorrect'

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy expects a comprehensive and fair law on mobilization to be adopted. He also said that he is against the forced mobilization of Ukrainians.

In an interview with the German TV channel ARD, Zelenskyy emphasized that mobilization is an important point of demobilization. He noted that Ukrainian defenders have been at the front for a long time.

"Many people have fought many days. Some people have been on the battlefield for 700 days. Like every Ukrainian, I'm grateful to them for defending our country. But I believe that gratitude from society is not enough. We need fair rotations, we need to give extensive vacations," the president said.

He also added that the military have high salaries, but it is impossible to cover everything with money - we need justice in this area.

"I also expect... a law on fair mobilization. I would like it to be a comprehensive, fair bill. Their task is to do this. No one is saying whether this is a popular decision or not. But I think it is important that the military, together with the Ministry of Defense, prepare a fair answer to this question," Zelenskyy said.

Commenting on the situation when representatives of the military commissariats walk the streets in search of men of military age and forcibly hand over calls, the President noted that this should not happen.

"Yes, there are cases, it is very incorrect. When representatives of military registration and enlistment offices walked the streets looking for boys who did not come to military registration and enlistment offices, etc. Are there such cases? Yes, there are. Is it right? Absolutely not, they should not do this, so I asked our military, when they are preparing this bill, them and MPs, I asked them to have no chance to walk the streets," he said.

According to Zelenskyy, today there are opportunities to use the digital format to address this issue in a modern way. Zelensky added that he understands that mobilization is a complex issue, but believes that it is important to find a fair solution that takes into account the interests of all parties.

"We would like people who left outside the law of Ukraine, who are of mobilization age, to be in Ukraine. The issue is not that they should all be at the front. We have a large army. It is a matter of justice. These people should pay taxes. Some people left and did not return to their jobs, and this is their right. But if they are Ukrainian citizens, they should pay taxes, preferably to Ukraine. Because we then give this money to our military, to the soldiers who defend us," Zelensky summarized.

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